Det Norske Veritas

Quality Standards & Procedures

The organisation defines its quality objectives at various levels of the company in the way to achieve continual improvement in the Quality Management System. PSI has identified & established resources required for satisfying the requirements of the customers regarding qualification, competent personnel & equipment of adequate capacity.

Panel Color Requirement:

Color is sometimes determined by the client himself and Power Solution Industries painters quickly determine the paint mixtures or color combination to arrive at the desired panel color of the customer’s choice. In the event that the panel color is not specified, Power Solution Industries uses its standard panel color of RAL 7032.

Surface & Paints Finish:

Beside the surface, the paint finish is meticulously inspected to look for smooth and hard surfaces. Hard surface means grinding in the assembly is not thorough. Checking the paint finish determines the correctness of the painting process done, be it epoxy or powder painting.

Bolts Connection Tightness:

The tightness of bolts and nuts applying the right force of maximum torque limitations is taken into consideration in the assembly of the panel. This includes all kinds of bolts and washers etc. especially in bus bars where the tightness of bots prevent panel overheating generated from the bus bars.

IP Degree of Protection:

Standard IEC 529, BS 5420 and NFC 20-010 give a protection index IP which characterizes the ability of equipment to with stand the following external influences:

  • Presence of solid Bodies
  • Presence of water

The index comprises two digits depending on these external influences. The protection index is assigned to the panel following a series of testes laid down in the respective standards.

Nameplate Identifications:

Panel reference, determines the name of the panel to be engraved for identification. This includes loads, breaker designations and indications for pilot lamps, push buttons, switches alarms and others. Proper identification aids the end-users through smooth operation of the panel.

Panel Door Opening/Closing:

This requirement facilitates the smooth opening and closing of all doors of the panel boards. Hinges as well as swing-out locks are selected for the types of application. In bigger enclosures, three-point catch looking system is utilized to prevent the doors from unnecessary swaying during and closing.