Materials and Finishes

Power Solution Industries offers its range of cable management products in a variety of materials and finishes to suit the environmental conditions where components will be installed. Choice of an appropriate material/finish is always an important consideration in system design because maintenance of components once installed will be extremely difficult. Clients will undoubtedly expect a long life for the installed system and the choice of appropriate material / finish must consider the expected prevailing atmosphere and its effect on the system components.

Mild steel is an economical material for load bearing structures but if the surface remains untreated, it would rapidly begin to show signs of corrosion even in only mildly aggressive environments. When mild steel corrodes the iron content is converted to oxides (rust) this progressively changes the strong steel into weak oxides which rapidly reduces the load bearing capacity of the affected part. If mild steel is coated with zinc not only is the steel protected by the envelope of zinc whose chemical corrosion rate is low but since zinc is higher in the electro-chemical series, the zinc will always pass into solution before the iron content of steel. The strength of the steel structure will not be weakened by corrosion until the zinc coating has been sacrificed. The length of time it takes for the zinc coating to dissolve is in proportion to the thickness of the coating and the aggressiveness of the environment in which it is exposed.

Pre-Galvanized steel (PG) also known as Mill Galvanized Steel.

Whilst the mild steel is still in wide coil form at the steel mill it is processed in a continuous operation to clean the steel and pass it through a bath of molten zinc which forms iron / zinc alloys and a coating of pure zinc on the surfaces of the steel which is then cooled and re-coiled. This means that the steel is galvanized before it is slit to width, cut to length, pierced and formed to shape. The coating cannot be allowed to become thick because it would split during the forming process. However, since zinc offers electro-chemical protection it will offer protection for what might be considered unprotected edges where the flat material has been cut or pierced. This is an effective and economic anti corrosion finish suitable for interior applications except where there is continual high humidity or corrosive atmosphere.

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel (HDG)

To achieve this finish components made from mild steel are cleaned and dipped into a bath of molten zinc after all the other manufacturing process have been completed. Not only does this ensure that the whole of the component is coated, it offers the opportunity to develop a much thicker zinc coating than is possible with pre-galvanizing. Power Solution Industries takes particular care to ensure that a coating of 65 microns is achieved and that distortion of components is minimized. However, this is a hot working process and some distortion and surface roughness may be in evidence. Since the zinc thickness is triple that of pre-galvanized steel the anti-corrosive properties are enhanced. This finish will be suitable for most exterior installations except where there is a very aggressive atmosphere.

Stainless Steel (SS)

Stainless steel differs from mild steel, in that, it contains a variety of alloyed elements, which very significantly reduce the rate at which the iron content will oxidize. The name “stainless” is a misnomer because many pollutants and chemicals will mark or stain the surface but this does not erode the strength of the steel as rusting weakens mild steel. To obtain good forming and outstanding corrosion resistance properties austenitic grades of stainless steel are used. They also have the property that they will withstand aggressive chemicals used to wash down processing areas where good hygiene is a high priority. The fact that stainless steel can maintain strength properties even when exposed to high temperature is also a valuable asset. This portfolio of useful properties makes stainless steel suitable for systems exposed to very aggressive atmospheres, including marine environments, high levels of pollution, caustic soda and temperatures of 1000deg C for periods long enough to give some integrity to electrical circuits in a fire emergency.

Epoxy Powder Coatings (PC)

These coatings are applied to mild steel components. The coatings can be offered in a wide variety of colors to meet the architectural project requirements. The coatings themselves are resilient to damage and will withstand atmospheric pollution and ultra-violet exposure from sunlight. However, if the coating envelope is broken the steel substrate will have little defense to corrosive agents.
A highly decorative appearance can be achieved but longevity of this finish cannot be guaranteed.

Other Materials and Finishes.

Apart from the standard materials and finishes listed Power Solution Industries can offer other materials and finishes, which are required for a specific project specification. Please contact our technical department to discuss fully any such situation and the effect that this may have on other data associated with components shown in our catalogue range.

Power Solution Industries produces the components of its cable management system from materials to the following internationally recognised standards.

It is possible for Power Solution Industries to manufacture components of the product range in alternative materials to those listed above. For further information on these possibilities please contact our Technical Department.