Cable Wire Mesh Trays

Wire mesh cable tray systems are gaining popularity in the region these days, basically for its ease of installation. These types of trays are formed by wires of 3, 4 or 5 mm thickness formed into a mesh, which in turn is bend to form trays of various sizes. The general side heights for these trays are 35 / 50 / 100 mm depending upon the project specification. The most widely used size is 35mm side height type.
The standard lengths come in 3 meters and the material finishes are as follows:
EG (Electro-galvanized) to BS EN ISO 2081 standard
HDG (Hot Dip Galvanization) to BS EN ISO 1461
The system has all components such as bends, “T”s; Internal & External Risers, couplers, carriers etc. form the entire system.
The wire mesh accessories are available in round radial type to suit various site and project specification.
Generally these types of trays are used for laying the ELV cables and other low weight cables in projects.